The Silent Grove

Issue #3

Continuing the digital-exclusive tie-in to BioWare’s celebrated Dragon Age game series, from the Lead Writer of the games!

The second leg of King Alistair’s quest begins, as he and his companions learn more of the true fate of King Maric. Traveling by sea to swamps beyond the reach of civilization, Alistair, Isabela, and Varric pass their last chance to turn back as they encounter a dragon and the witch who may be behind everything!

• Story by David Gaider, lead writer of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II!

• An essential addition to the Dragon Age canon!

• Exclusive to the Dark Horse Digital Store!

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Alexander Freed, David Gaider
Chad Hardin
Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artists:
Nick Thornborrow, Ramil Sunga
Dark Horse Comics
99 cent Comics, Action/Adventure, Media Tie-In, Video Gamer
Release date:
March 21, 2012

The Silent Grove

Issue #4

#1-#6 Bundle