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Captain Midnight Issues #5 - 8 #6

Ages 14+
28 pages
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Captain Midnight heads to Washington, DC, to help Agent Jones learn the truth behind the mysterious Project Black Sky. But Jones's investigation into Black Sky is raising red flags with the wrong people, which puts Captain Midnight on a collision course with a deadly assassin who, even with all of Midnight's intelligence and resourcefulness, might be too much for him to handle.

  • Captain Midnight takes on a Black Sky assassin!

  • Cover by Freddie Williams II and Dan Scott!

  • Written by Ghosted creator Joshua Williamson!

  • The beginning of a new two-part story!

"Joshua Williamson does a good job tackling well-worn ideas and giving them a fresh lick of paint.”—The Beat

"I'm ready for more Captain Midnight, ready for more Nazi punching action and more polar bears.”—IGN

Project Black Sky

Captain Midnight

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