Empowered Special #1: The Wench with a Million Sighs image

Empowered Special #1: The Wench with a Million Sighs

Even as costumed crime fighter Empowered fights a desperate battle against a functionally invulnerable, grave-robbing supervillain inside a secret underground mausoleum for fallen superheroes, back at Emp's apartment, the alien demonlord imprisoned upon her coffee table spins a tempestuous tell-all tale of the often-struggling heroine's deepest secrets…The scruple-free storyteller soon reveals how all of Empowered's many frustrations at work, at home, and even in the bedroom can be conveyed strictly through the vocabulary of her extraordinarily expressive exhalations, thus making her…"The Wench with a Million Sighs"!

Adam Warren—writer/artist of the English-language Dirty Pair comics and warped mastermind behind the popular Empowered graphic-novel series—brings you the first Empowered tale told in conventional comics format!

• "One of the most laugh-out-loud-funny works I've read in years."—Rob Vollmar, Comics Worth Reading

• "Stellar art, great character work, a sense of humor—Empowered has it all."—Newsarama

• "Empowered is Adam Warren's best work yet—it's naughty but sweet, and REALLY funny, and the characters are just immensely appealing and likeable. Terrific, terrific stuff." —Bruce Timm, producer of Batman: The Animated Series


Adam Warren
Dark Horse Comics
99 cent Comics, Action/Adventure, Humor, Superhero
Release date:
April 20, 2011


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