Volume 2: Weathered Statues

Issue #5

Writer Rick Remender continues his acclaimed new series joined by fan-favorite artist Eric Canete (Iron Man, WildC.A.T.s) for part 1 of the story line Weathered Statues. After the last issue's shocking events, in which half the cast was lost, Black and Arachnakid risk everything to take their revenge on the Smiling Man in his twisted city of Lore. Across the world in New Berlin, the fascist Wolfsangel puts a bounty on the remaining heroes in order to obtain the one item he requires to snatch lordship of Earth from Dead Lexington: An altruistic heart.

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Rick Remender
Eric Canete
Naomi Baker
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Superhero
Release date:
Nov. 30, 2011

Volume 2: Weathered Statues

Issue #6

#5-#9 Bundle