Husbands Issue #1: Drawn In image

Husbands Issue #1: Drawn In

The hit sitcom Husbands tells the story of famous gay newlyweds Brady and Cheeks, who sparked a media firestorm when they woke up legally wed after a drunken Vegas weekend. But undoing their "I Dos" with a quickie divorce would only undermine the hard-fought battle for equality, so they decide to give this marriage thing a go. After all, they were doing okay when they were dating . . .

Now, a mystical wedding gift launches the couple on a series of adventures— a tongue-in-cheek journey through iconic genre realms — filled with obstacles that threaten to tear them apart.

Written by Husbands creators Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Brad Bell, this comic-book continuation of the sitcom phenom sends Brady and Cheeks into a superhero showdown, a fairytale fantasy, a Holmesian mystery, an epic galactic battle, a madcap high school romp, and a saucy secret-spy thrill ride.

• Issue #1: A superhero adventure like no other!

• Based on the hit sitcom, Husbands!

• Written by show creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (AKA Cheeks)!

Dark Horse Comics
2012 Series Launches, 99 cent Comics, Humor
Release date:
October 24, 2012


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Bundle: Issues #1-6