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The Victories #1

Ages 18+
27 pages
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Not long from now, all that will stand between you and evil are the Victories- six heroes sworn to protect us from crime, corruption, and the dark. As one member cracks down on the violence, he discovers himself touched by a painful past through the psychic powers of Link. Will this trauma cause him to self- destruct or continue the fight?

  • The raunchiest superheroes since The Boys!

  • From the co-creator of Powers!

"Mike Oeming is one of the great people and comic artists on the planet earth. I've been dying for Mike to write and draw his own book for years. And here it is! If you like Powers, you will love The Victories!"- Brian Michael Bendis


Michael Avon Oeming
Michael Avon Oeming
Nick Filardi
Cover Artist:
Michael Avon Oeming

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