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  • #1-#4 Bundle

  • This bundle contains issues #1 - #4 of Criminal Macabre: Cell Block 666!

    If good intentions pave the road to hell, then Cal McDonald should just get inthe handbasket already and buckle up for the ride. He's no do-gooder—not byfar—but he does everything he can to keep the supernatural forces of evil fromharming humans, and it always comes at a great personal expense, takingeverything and everyone he's ever owned or cared about. Now he's being set upby the cops and a vengeful DA to take the fall for a pile of bad news.There's no way he's getting out of this one without serving some time at theGraybar Hotel. A little time in lockup would be like a vacation compared towhat Cal's been through lately, but forces both human and monster alike arelining up to make sure Cal's trip to the slammer is the last trip he evertakes.