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  • Vol. 2 #4 - 8 bundle

  • Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo vol. 2 is available online for the first time as part of Dark Horse’s complete digital presentation of the rabbit ronin’s adventures!

    This bundle contains Vol. 2, issues #4-8.

    Sakai spins a lighthearted tale of the rabbit ronin, as Usagi’s desire to travel uneventfully through a mountain pass is interrupted by both an annoying pack of tokagé lizards and the attention of a gang of bandits, in “The Lizards’ Tale.” And in part one of “Battlefield,” a young Usagi has his first encounter with the horrors of war!

    “Stan Sakai is the Akira Kurosawa of comic books. He is a man who is in full literary and artistic control of his medium.”
    —William Stout