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  • Issue #134-#138 Bundle

  • The rabbit ronin Usagi gets caught in the middle of the latest scam from the master thief Kitsune in a tale of double—and triple—crosses!

    Kitsune's got a good con going: she's been making a mint selling oil and falsely claiming it comes from the toads of Mt. Tsukuba, which are said to have extraordinary healing powers. But too much of a good con can be a bad thing, and before long Kitsune's partners want a bigger cut of the profits, or else! When Usagi tries to intervene, he's plunged into a web of lies even his best intentions won't be able to unravel!

    • This done-in-one standalone story is a great jumping-on issue for new readers!

    • "It's no wonder Usagi Yojimbo has a fan base that stretches from children to adults. It is highly recommended for anyone who likes comics, fun and craziness."—Broken Frontier

    This bundle contains issues 134-138.