• Landfall and Black Pacific

  • In a post-war, post-crash, post-disaster, post-everything world, theenvironmental-action trawler Kapital scours the earth's oceans for itsmysteriously missing sister ship, the Massive. Captain Callum Israel, a manwho has dedicated his life to the ocean, now must ask himself—as our planetdies—what it means to be an environmentalist after the world has ended. Callumand his crew will come up against pirates, rebels, murderers, and thieves asthey struggle to remain noble toward their cause. Can you save a planet that'salready doomed?

    • The perfect follow-up to Wood's DMZ!

    • "The Massive is a book to keep an eye on in 2012."—IGN

    At the end of the world, the story begins.

    This bundle contains issues 1 through 6.