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  • #1-#5 Bundle

  • In the future, on an Earth where humans have become extinct and machines rulethe planet, a directive is given—"know man." But when the directive is takentoo far, and machines begin to act human, an enforcer is called in to remedythe situation. It is known as Form Optional Synthetic—240, an independentaction search and destroy unit, tasked with hunting down and killing machineswho seek to "know man" a little too well. But she thinks of herself as Syn andis more human than most of those she hunts... Don't miss out on "Genesis" thefirst chapter of the new Rocket Comics series Syn. Featuring thestorytelling genius of Keith Giffen (Lobo, Ambush Bug) and the excitingartwork of newcomers Greg Titus and Julian Washburn. This is sure to be one ofthe most talked about comics of the year!

    "Deception was the first human trait I memorized. Wise choice."

    This bundle contains issues 1 through 5.