• The Island and The Third Wish Bundle

  • This bundle contains Hellboy: The Island #1-#2 and Hellboy: The Third Wish #1-#2. Please note that these stories plus bonus material are also available for purchase in the digital trade collection here.

    After more than two years at the bottom of the sea, Hellboy washes up on anisland full of sunken ships, where he is tempted by singing dead men andstupidly ignores good advice from an ancient enemy. Hellboy: The Island is a tale of gods and monsters that offers the first revelations about one (or more) of the great secrets of Hellboy's world.

    In Hellboy: The Third Wish, Hellboy leaves behind the familiar strangeness of the B.P.R.D. for even stranger places. He meets a two-hundred-year-old witch doctor and talks to lions, but that's only the beginning of Hellboy's weirdest journey yet. Mike Mignola, award-winning cartoonist and production designer for Atlantis and BladeII, takes his most celebrated creation from Africa to the bottom of the sea, in the next stage of a very unusuallife.