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  • #1-#4 Bundle

  • Mass Effect 2 lead writer Mac Walters reveals the origin of our galaxy'smost mysterious power broker—the Illusive Man!

    Along with cowriter John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)and artist Omar Francia (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II), Walterschronicles humanity's first deadly days on the galactic stage and uncovers thepivotal role the Illusive Man played in it all! Available only in comics, thisessential piece of Mass Effect canon offers new insights for existing fans,while the focus on humanity's first steps into the wider Mass Effectuniverse provides a riveting story of action and intrigue for sci-fi readersof all stripes!

    • Don't miss the secret origin of the Illusive Man!

    • The world's most acclaimed sci-fi video-game series returns to comics!