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  • #0-4 Bundle

  • Piloting a World War II dive-bomber, Captain Midnight-fighter pilotextraordinaire and expert inventor-hurtles out of a freak storm in the BermudaTriangle and into the twenty-first century, where he's in for more than onesurprise as he enters the modern era! Collects the three stories from DarkHorse Presents #18-#20.

    Joshua Williamson (Masks and Mobsters, Voodoo, Uncharted), Victor Ibáñez(Rat Catcher, The Spirit) and Pere Pérez (Aquaman, Detective Comics)!

    Cover by Raymond Swanland!

    They stole his perfect vision of the future... He's here to take it back.

    "Dark Horse and writer Joshua Williamson are reaching a bit further back,pulling the titular Golden Age hero from his roots in World War II and post-war America into contemporary culture."-Comic Book Resources


    Project Black Sky