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  • Hellboy: Weird Tales #5-8 Bundle

  • This bundle contains Hellboy: Weird Tales #5-8.

    While investigating reports of a goat-man stalking a small town's Lover's Lane, Hellboy is teamed with a female Bureau agent whose obsession with monsters makes the world's greatest paranormal investigator a little uneasy. J. H. Williams (Promethea) and Haden Blackman (Star Wars: Republic, The Field Guide to North American Monsters) put their knowledge of mysticism and folklore together for this truly unique Hellboy adventure. Ron Marz teams with legendary creator Jim Starlin for a psychedelic South American adventure, and Scott Morse (Volcanic Revolver, Ancient Joe) presents a more contemplative look at Hellboy, while the retro Lobster Johnson serial by John Cassaday (Captain America) just gets more and more strange.