Android | Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s going on with the Dark Horse Digital Android App?

    As of March 25, 2024 the Dark Horse Digital app for Android will no longer be supported. After careful consideration we have determined that focusing our development resources in other areas is the best path forward for Dark Horse Digital.

    What changes were made with the latest update (1.5.4, Feb. 2024)?

    This update moved some previously in-app functions to the website. New account sign-ups and purchase buttons now open in your browser. You must have app linking enabled in your device settings.

    Will the app still work after March 25, 2024?

    The app will be removed from the Google Play app store on March 25, 2024. You can still use it after this date, but functionality will be limited. You will be able to read books you’ve already downloaded, but will not be able to download books after March 25th, 2024.

    Can I still access Dark Horse Digital on an Android device?

    Yes! Using your device’s web browser, visit and sign into your DHD account.

    Did I lose access to my comics collection?

    No! If you are signed into your account your collection can be found in the “Bookshelf” section of the website.

    Can I use Google Pay to make purchases on the website?

    No. To make purchases at, you will need to add a credit card to your account. You can do this from the My Account page or, if a credit card is not associated with your account, you will be prompted to enter your card information during checkout.

    Troubleshooting the Android app

    If you are having issues with the app, below are some basic troubleshooting steps to try. After March 25, 2024 the app will have limited functionality and we will not be able to troubleshoot issues encountered by users.

  1. Verify you are signed into your Dark Horse Digital account.
  2. Ensure your device has sufficient free space.
  3. Refresh the app (options>refresh).
  4. Force quit and restart the app.
  5. Having problems opening links from the app?

    Are you unable to open links from the Android app? Ensure your settings allow you to open external links within the app by navigating to the following settings on your device. These are general directions and they might differ from device to device or as updates are released.

    Pixel Phones

  6. Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Opening Links > Instant Apps (toggle set to on)
  7. Samsung Phones

  8. Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Opening Links > Open Links in apps (toggle set to on)
  9. Settings > Apps > Default apps > (browser of choice) > Open Supported links (toggle set to on).