iOS | Frequently Asked Questions

    Version History

    iOS 2.0 Release Notes (08 November 2016)


    The new Dark Horse app is here, rebuilt from the ground up! With improved performance, a new look & feel and loads of new features to help you discover and enjoy Dark Horse comics!

    * Save money with comic bundles!

    * Get notified about sales and DH news!

    * Cool new options for customizing your reading experience!

    * More ways to sort & filter your collection!

    * Expanded social media features. Share your favorite panel with friends!

    * Enhanced store experience, including recommendations of other comics you might like.

    * Improved support for retina devices!

    How to get the update

    • Go to the App Store application and select the Updates icon then tap "Update All", or
    • On your computer's iTunes application, go to Apps, click the "XX Updates Available" link, click "Download all Free Updates" , then plug in and sync your device

    Why do I need a Dark Horse Digital account?

    As of version 1.4.0, you no longer need a account in order to purchase books in-app. However, to synchronize your collection between multiple mobile devices and the website, you WILL need a Dark Horse Digital user account.

    If you don't already have one, please create an account now.


    Welcome to the Dark Horse Digital Reader. Here’s a quick primer on how to use and navigate through the iOS app.

    READER: To navigate in the reader, swipe left or right to move from page to page. You can also tap the right or left edge of the screen instead of swiping.

    Tap the center of the screen in the reader to bring up the controls. The Share button provides a quick way to share your current read or current panel on your social media accounts, in messenger, or via email. The Settings button opens the Settings panel menu where you can control reading mode. There are options for panel view (including the option to view the full page before and/or after panels), fit to width, or full page reading.

    BOOKSHELF: The Bookshelf settings button will direct you to your Account information page. Note that you can also access this account settings button while browsing the store. The menu button allows you to sort your bookshelf by release date, download date, and last read date. There is also an option to show only downloaded books.

    STORE: You can start accessing the store by tapping Featured, New, Search, or More, at the bottom of the screen. Featured will display collections of comics specially curated by Dark Horse. The menu button allows you to browse even more featured books and series. The New page is a quick way to see Dark Horse’s latest releases. More is where you’ll find a complete index of all comics and books, organized by series, genre and creators.

    For more information as well as troubleshooting tips, please see the Troubleshooting section of this FAQ.


    If you are encountering crashes or other performance issues, or you are not seeing the expected books in your bookshelf, please follow these troubleshooting steps or contact us for assistance.


    •Visit the App Store and check for updates to the Dark Horse Comics app.

    •If an update is available, please download and/or sync it to your device.

    •Relaunch the Dark Horse app.

    If you're already running the latest version of the app, please try each of these steps and then attempt to use the app.


      • Exit to the home screen by hitting the home button.

      • Double tap the home button to bring up the active app dock. Find the Dark Horse app within the dock and swipe up to force close.

      • Press the home button to exit the process list.

      • Relaunch the Dark Horse app.


    If you don't see the expected books in your bookshelf, please visit the account settings menu and try the following steps:

      • LOG IN: Check that you are logged into your Dark Horse account, if you have one.

      • SYNC: This will force your collection to retrieve new data from our server (if a network connection is available).

      • RESTORE PURCHASES: Use this when a purchased comic fails to appear in the Collection, and syncing/logging in has failed to correct the problem. This function associates purchases made while not logged in to an account with the user's Dark Horse Digital account.


        •Hold down the power button (on the top edge of the device) for five seconds.

        •A red arrow should appear with the message "slide to power off." Slide this to power off your device.

        •Wait several seconds for your device to power off.

        •Press the power button to turn the device on.

        •Relaunch the Dark Horse app.


        If you are have problems with covers not appearing in the bookshelf or store, new releases not appearing for sale, or other general data/image problems, you can also reset the app's cache. Reset the cache in the settings menu.

      Customer Service is also available to help you via our contact form. A human will respond, we promise!

    What are these new price buttons that say “buy all” above a group of books?

    We’re happy to now be able to offer bundles for sale in the app! Bundles are groups of comics, usually several comics from a series, sold together at a discounted price.

    Tapping ‘buy all’ will allow you to purchase a group of related books or comics at a discounted price. After purchasing, you will receive the individual books shown in the group. Note that no account credit will be given if you purchase a bundle for which you already own one or more of the books.

    I downloaded a comic but I can't read it.

    Occasionally, a network interruption or other reason may cause a book to be unreadable. It might appear blank or not open when tapped. Here's what to do in such a scenario:

    Archive and redownload. Press the book cover until a pop-up window appears. You will see an option to archive the book. Return to the bookshelf screen and simply tap the cover to redownload.

    If that doesn't work, syncing the app should fix it. Visit the account settings menu to force a sync.

    -If the above steps don't resolve it, a delete and fresh install of the app is recommended. If you do a delete/install, note that you'll need to sign into the app to have your collection appear.

    How do I opt in to push notifications?

    Visit the account settings menu, and select 'notifications'. You can toggle on or off New Releases and Sales and Specials notifications there. New Releases notifications will send a push to your device on Wednesdays, and Sales and Specials notifications will send you a push any time we have a sale or promotion happening (note: this will rarely, if ever, be more than once a week).

    If you encounter other purchasing errors, please contact customer service.