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Heart of Empire: The Legacy of Luther Arkwright Second Edition

298 pages
Ages 18+

In a future alternate-reality Earth—one existence in a swirling maelstrom of parallel worlds—a vicious totalitarian British Empire reigns supreme. But in Rome, the dying pope sets into motion a dark plan to place the throne of Britannica under papal control—by any means necessary. And while such temporal machinations threaten the world's political and social stability, a monstrous force is building across the multiverse, and a countdown begins to almost certain dimensional apocalypse! Luther Arkwright has saved a universe before, but with an infinity of universes threatened with annihilation, all of Arkwright's preternatural talents are needed. If only Arkwright weren't dead…

• The mind-blowing sequel to Bryan Talbot's acclaimed The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

• Talbot, creator of The Tale of One Bad Rat, Alice in Sunderland, and Grandville, is regarded worldwide as a pioneer and innovator of the graphic novel.


Bryan Talbot
Angus McKie
Dark Horse Comics
Science-Fiction, Value Priced Collections
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