Larry Marder's Beanworld Book 2: A Gift Comes!

329 pages
Ages 12+

A Gift Comes! is jam packed with new characters and monumental developments in the evolving Beanworld culture. It kicks off with the birth of the next generation of Beans: the baby Pod'l'pool Cuties. It chronicles the discombobulation of Mr. Spook's fork by greedy Goofy Service Jerks. Meet Mr. Teach'm, who raised Mr. Spook on a cloud. See the crazy breakout origin of Heyoka, Beanworld's upside-down and backwards Bean. Read how Professor Garbanzo first discovered the Four Realities, and much, much more!

• Rescanned from the original artwork, this deluxe edition collects the final twelve long-out-of-print issues of the original acclaimed comic-book series in an affordable single volume!

• "Like George Lucas, Stan Lee, and J.J. Abrams, cartoonist Larry Marder is the creator of a deeply imagined alternate world that inspires obsessive fandom and yields glossaries, maps, and websites."—Sean Howe, Entertainment Weekly

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