Mind MGMT #5

27 pages
Ages 14+

The secret origin of MIND MGMT's greatest agent concludes, with the revelation of his final days at the agency. A gifted psychic able to control the emotions of others, Henry Lyme fell apart when he began to fear that the love of his wife and the admiration of his peers were lies created by his abilities. And when so powerful a mind becomes unhinged, it wreaks terrible destruction on all around it!

• From the creator of 3 Story and Super Spy!

• Each issue features short stories that won't be in the collections!

• Dark Horse Originals is where comics’ most innovative creators spin their most original visions!


Matt Kindt
Matt Kindt
Cover Artist:
Matt Kindt
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Originals
Action/Adventure, Dark Horse Originals, Science-Fiction
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