Bride of the Water God Volume 2

174 pages
Ages 12+

Habaek, the mysterious water god, is cursed to live his days in the form of a little boy—while he turns back to his true adult self at night. His new human bride, Soah, thinks that she's been married to a child and has no idea that the attractive "Mui" is actually the adult form of Habaek. Surrounded by a cast of colorful elemental gods and their servants, Soah is tempted by flirtations from both Mui and the rascal Huye. When Tae-Eul-Jin-In spills Habaek's surprising secret, Soah audaciously plots to uncover the truth for herself. She has to be careful, though, so she doesn't anger the moody gods—including her powerful new husband!

Bride of the Water God, with its enchanting, romantic story line and elaborate, breathtaking artwork, was the top-selling shojo manhwa in Korea in 2006.


Mi-Kyung Yun
Dark Horse Comics
Fantasy, Manga, Manhwa
Release date: